To my mother…
You are the woman who in my eyes personifies spring
‘Cause 1984 was the birth of a bird you taught so hard to sing
But now I'm singing opera but all the ballads are about you
I don't need an orchestra because those sounds get absorbed too soon
And my songs will obliterate theaters because love reverberates like sonic booms
My notes they float and find the energy to travel this world around
And sing to the planet's masses about the woman who gave me sound
The woman who gave me all 5 senses and always taught me about the 6th 
That special bond between man and mother after conception always exists
But this 6th cannot be converted to words or sentences on this page
Because the chemistry of this love no encyclopedia can explain

Drs and scientists study this anomaly, the properties of which they marvel
It makes no sounds, it has no mass, but appears both passionate yet harmful
This polarity of love can be attributed to the relationship between sun and earth
Both exist as separate orbs, but leave questions of which came first?
Mother Earth, she gave birth to what we now call the Son
He was a star, whom she adored, but for him to grow he needed love
So she fed his hunger and now her Son has enriched her soul with illumination
The beams of day enrich her life beyond her wildest imagination
Many people feel that mother earth is a peasant to the Son
Her orbit appears inferior and subservient to some
But her travels are not to suggest she is bowing before her youth
But merely watching his growth and ensuring her love is spread with rays of truth
For the warmth and light is not created from the Son in space alone
For the Son is merely reflecting the love that his mother has always shown
The brightness echoes for eternity... the entire universe will always know
That for every twinkling star you see, a mother kindled that nurtured glow


It was harvested and protected and she loved and kept him safe for all the ages
Brought vision to eyes, sounds to ears, hopes for dreams, locked fear in cages  
Hugs for trouble, kisses for bruises, food for hunger, blanket for chills
Sensor to violence, laughter to silence, safety to eyelids, money to bills

My mother earth, my world, the first encounter with a female heroin
Always killed the horse in my closet so I could sleep soundly in my bed again
Speckled cuts and first degree burns... the cost of a home cooked meal
The hands of a girl become a woman as the calluses begin to peel
Once a boy, forever a man, I remember the loving gestures I took for granted
All the things I refuse now but when I was a boy they were demanded
I know it's just a part of life that we’ve traveled together and wandered
But these are the journeys that I'll embrace and repeat the day I become a father

I know I don't reflect the warmth or shine that you implanted with loving hands
I feel I often emit a much dimmer light, but I noticed your skin is always tan
You’re my earth and I'm your sun, men aren't from Mars nor women from Venus
Mars is red, Venus is blue and only the umbilical cord has come between us
I hope that I have provided the light that you have always wanted to see
I'm only half the man compared to the woman I've always wanted to be

We both ignore horoscopes because our love surpasses the test of time
We'll cheat on that test together and leave god's classroom with open minds
And I know we'll get an A together because we're experts of our life lessons
Although sometimes we don't know the answers so we just resort to guessing
So maybe we'll have to stay after class because we failed to pay attention
Mom, I'll spend 3 forevers with you, writing on the blackboard in god's detention
But I know god will smile when he goes to correct both of our tests
Revealing the words, "Matthew loves Barbara"... etched upon his desks...