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NaPoWriMo - 11/30 - "Are the same"

Since I am trying to catch up on my NaPoWriMo, this poetic form seems incredibly fitting. The form is called a “Found” poem.. I’ll explain after you read this poem…

Are the same

“The terrorists thought
That they would change our aims 
And stop our ambitions 
But nothing changed in my life 
Except this: 

Weakness, fear and hopelessness 
Strength, power and courage 
Were born. 
I am the same Malala. 
My ambitions 
Are the same. 
My hopes 
Are the same. 
My dreams 
Are the same.”

Telling the Assembly 
That she was focusing on women's rights 
And girls' education 
Because they were suffering the most,
Ms. Yousafzai called upon world leaders 
To change 
Their strategic policies 
In favour of peace 
And prosperity.

“We call upon all 
To ensure free 
Compulsory education 
For every child 
All over the world,” 
She said, 

Calling on Governments 
To fight against terrorism 
And violence, 
To protect children 
From brutality 
And harm.


This is an exact excerpt from a UN article where Malala Yousafzai spoke to the UN regarding children’s education. None of this poem is original at all. This concept of a “Found” poem is to take text that you might ordinarily read, leave the text the same, and bring it to light poetically through line breaks and separated stanzas. I wanted to capture how defiantly and beautifully Malala speaks. That’s the beauty of poetry… Happy NaPoWriMo!