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NaPoWriMo - 01/30 - "Sinus Collapse"

It starts with a sneeze...
I have more time with my sinus infections annually than I do with my parents
And I love my parents insurmountably more
The pressure behind my eyes
Pulsing eardrums
The ache of my teeth
A walking malaise
Disturbance in what seems to be the very center of my mind
Eviscerating my creativity and ambitions
Air pockets within my sinus cavity collapse 
Like a coal mine beneath the environmental pressures of putrid debris
Only this disastrous collapse is not in the name of economic progress
And to my knowledge no Chinese miners lay vanquished inside my sinuses
And no lamenting families exist outside my nostrils with placards and flowers
In mourning remembrance and corporate disgust
But a lot of tissues are surely used... 
Ripples form upon the lake of my immunity as galloping disease approaches
Aggregating for months like a search engine
Goblins, municipal waste, congregating in the bowels of my forehead
They await to strike like unforeseen terrorism... which is redundant
For certainly uncertainty is the most terrorizing aspect of terrorism
And of sinus infections... 
Yes... you read that right....
Sinus infections are like terrorism

Many instances of early 21st century terrorism can be linked to the Middle East
The Middle East has a substantial amount of desert
Deserts contain dust... and dust can cause sinus infections...
You're welcome...
It arrives days early before international flights
On the first warm day of Spring (TODAY!!!!)
Before Poetry Slam Finals 2011...  
When my cupboard has removed "soup" from its menu
When "Puffs Plus Lotion" aren't in stock in my local pharmacy
And when... I don't fucking feel like blowing my nose for the next 2 weeks
Then I sneeze...
The goblins wage war on my peace-loving Switzerland esophagus
My thoughts and plans dissipate like hazy steam never inhaled
And I make a terrible lapses in judgement
Lke forming comparisons between terrorism and sinus allergies
And between sinus bacteria and annual Chinese miner deaths
This is what sinus infections do...
According to the Xinhua News Agency Chinese 
Coal miner deaths accounted for 80% of all mining deaths in 2003
There should be meaningless rubber bracelets
Designed to enlighten first world societies of this plight... 
Of course... 
I mean the plight of my recurrent sinusitis...

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