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NaPoWriMo - 04/30 - "...or idea"

Complacency is a vacancy in your ambitious nature
Identity is a fallacy of yourself you put on Facebook
Destiny is a mockery to spite the hands that aid you
Idolatry is a TV screen where only filtered culture greets you

Faith is just a game to see who can hold their breath the longest
God is a façade to blur the line between pious and pompous
Heaven is a demon that sugar coats its terrors
Hell is an angel that whispers “Nothing is forever…”

Bureaucracy is debauchery in man-made coded chaos
Democracy is the high we seek during patriotic séance
The economy is the beast we feed with our invisible hands angled downward
Poverty is snobbery; because the rich liked the way it sounded

Earth is just a word to make us feel at home
Peace is the niche where love and hippies grow
War is a wild boar that feeds on fear, despair and death
Innocence is forgiveness
Forgiveness is a business
And this business is legitimized by 
The regret we exchange and hope we buy

Poetry is a smoke machine emotive people use to mask their meaning
Expression is a lesson to discover if other hearts are beating
Solitude is a dustpan and broom that condenses all these poems
Slam is just a sham used to poetically masturbate my ego

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