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NaPoWriMo - 14/30 - "Insinity"

Molest the devil and see if he gets angels in his nightmares
Refuse to feed your demons and leave them hungry in their high chairs
If god rules over lords and men than let me personify a lie
Exempt myself from these dogmas and be birthed from saner thighs
Some can stare with daggers but I've got land mines in my guise
Tread lightly upon my sentiments and design your own demise
Water color your senescence and speak about your life in rhyme
Inspire youth so they can prove they'll live till their alive
Worker bees that don't pull their weight put a pox upon their hive
Winter is nature’s way to let bygones be gone and die
Figure eights in logic let our fallacies collide
A demolition derby of absurdity but I still want to drive...