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NaPoWriMo - 13/30 - "Jester's Hospice"

An art form not forlorn 
They approach extinction 
With floppy shoes and painted faces
Their squirting flower wets their palette 
For daily blood pressure medication
Hospice Joker Geriatrics…
Arthritic sleight of hand, scarf and balloon magic
Nurses administer pies in the face 
At every plaid-rainbow colored mattress
Retired their oversized bowties 
In the hall of fame of the hapless
Glossy hair; hearing impaired 
With noses bright red, stiff and plastic
Hospital gowns with torso endowed 
Stitched in patched fluorescent madness
For when a clown loses his or her amusement 
It distills into seltzer on the rocks of sadness

An endangered species that used to binge feed 
On the laughter of the masses
Selective pressure on these jesters 
Has brought predictions of extinction
Information age to Jurassic
They can make the shape of a balloon baboon 
But how many balloons does it take 
To form the shape of a bastard?
A profession that’s old fashioned 
As young generations walk right past them
Because our children are more entertained 
By two dimensional actors
Pixar pixelated heroes 
Not middle aged weirdos 
With faces painted in plaster

Children have their minds padlocked in an XBOX
Yet creativity is the key 
They top off their gratification at a Playstation
Till it overflows beyond their reach
They can’t float with a smartphone
When apathy drowns them in waking dreams
So the clowns must wash away their paint
And find a different way to feed...

Here’s why this just happened… We're on the brink of clown scarcity...