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NaPoWriMo - 17/30 - "We are silent"

In honor of the #WeAreSilent campaign created by The Malala Fund and Free The Children to bring awareness of the plight of children's education around the world...

I write...


Today we are silent
For calcium deficient chalkboards
Standing emaciated
From the hunger of inattention

Today we are silent
For mothers
Who tuck their children into bedrock
And sleep with hunger pains

Today we are silent
For classrooms to provide more 
Than refuge from the sun
And shelter from civil war

Today we are silent
When national borders unravel
To shackle a generation 
Malignant in suspended infancy

Today we are silent
To eulogize juvenility
When death is taught before the alphabet
And laughter succumbs to rust

Today we are silent
For the weight of poverty
Looming in cumulus oblivion
And rains upon clotheslined potential

Today we are silent
When self determination
Is shrink wrapped in razor wire

We stop..
We think of those who are
Unable to think of themselves
We transplant their dreams
To our thoughts

Our silence is their scream