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NaPoWriMo - 19/30 - "Life for Clothes"

I’ve never written (or heard of) a “Blitz” poem before… It feels like poetic anarchy but I LIKE IT! There is a method to the madness so check out the rules/structure of a Blitz poem HERE and check out the poem below:

Life for Clothes

Forget your family
Forget your life
Life of piety
Life of stuff
Stuff of fools
Stuff to buy
Buy your happiness
Buy your life
Life of trophies
Life refunded
Refunded dreams
Refunded advice
Advice for consumers
Advice for drones
Drones of freedom
Drones of bone
Bone dry
Bone of fossils
Fossils apostle 
Fossils of fiction
Fiction addiction
Fiction of None
None to hear
None to hold

Hold your poise
Hold your gun
Guns for peace
Guns for lovers
Lovers of lead
Lovers of death
Death to conscience
Death to breathe
Breathe of intrigue
Breathe inhaled
Inhaled for keeps
Inhaled so deep
Deep in our tissue
Deep in our dreams
Dreams of folly
Dreams of us
Us together
Us and stuff
Stuff we buy
Stuff we dispose
Dispose our values
Dispose our clothes
Clothes are soiled
Clothes we grow
Grow yourself
Soiled in memory…