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NaPoWriMo - 20/30 - "Quaalude Quackery"

Artistically assimilating all American animals around
Breaking barriers because Botswanian bastards be basement bound

Can’t comprehend carnivorous clichés; Canadians Call collect
Don’t demonize, Dannish dudes don’t digest ‘dis dialect

Echoing equally every Estonian’s energy entertained egregiously
Fuck facts; Finnish fantasy foreshadows fiction fronting fallacies

God given gallantry gave Ghana’s gaudy goblins glowing glaciers
Honduran hurricanes hurt herding human heretical heliocentric haters

Ignore Indian ignoramuses; instill ideas in intellectual identities
Jubilantly jealous Jamaican jihadists jabber jargonistic jeopardy

Ku Klux Klan kids keep kissing Koreans kindred kindheartedly
Lower limbs levitate like lovers lick Liberian libations. Location: Library

Malice made men maligned meanwhile Malaysian morons misspell misery
North Nigerians need nickel networks, Namibia never needs nothing naturally

Outside our ozone, Oman oscillates omnipotent opulence only optimistically
Prominent Paraguayan people protect precious plastic planets parasitically

Qatari queens quiver quotients quietly, questioning Quaalude quackery
Royal Romanian romance rules; running religious rebels righteously

Slutty salesmen sell superior Singaporean sex say savvy sentinels
Tasmanian thoughts ¬terrorize tyrannical; tightening twisting tentacles, 

Undermining underground Ugandan uniformity underscores understanding
Vexed villains vivaciously venerate Venezuela vociferous volunteering

Whether weather’s wind withers windows; we won’t wait while we’re walking
Xerxes’ Xanthocarpous Xylophagous xenotransplantation X-Men Xeroxing

Yellow Yankees yodel yelling Yemenis; yet your yachts yield yearning yen
Zimbabwe’s zealots zone zeitgeists zapping zoonosis; zettabytes zipper zen…

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