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NaPoWriMo - 22/30 - "Caramel Toxaphene Dyes"

Today they wade through sewage for any potential existence of life
No coal left to sustain them so they burn the bodies in pyres of nine
Spooning to their doom they ignite like the moon we fossilized
Encased in hues of fossil fuels; lipstick pink with hints of rouge and wine

We picked our teeth with coral reefs; not that was had a reason why
Consumed our way through shale buffets until all prostrated dry
Became afflicted with carbon addiction or any liquid that would ignite
Built thousands of wells to pull elixir from hell and unleashed it upon the skies

Illuminated the world we created to harvest our shadows at night
Laughed and scoffed at heat waves and frost; room temperature always applied
Extracted raw elements, to manufacture and sell it and disposed in abhorrent time
Scarce in elements; we’d consume for the hell of it and leave the trash for the tides
Children are born morbid; deformed with candy wrappers for eyes
They respirate dust sulfates and sweat caramel toxaphene dyes
Plastic bag cartilage, skin leather hardened with muscles of rayon and bile

We sacrificed our children’s children rather than our standard of life
Left to rot in a kingdom of naught well after my generation had died
For generations before when humans were lord we held our noses high
A generation that didn’t “believe” in conservation and we didn’t “believe” in time
We didn’t “believe” in our mortality and we only believed in our pride
We would find it, we would burn it, if it added ease to our lives
Scientific warnings were fables so we discarded the labels the same way we ignored the signs
All the toxins we left, that we chose to forget were just building a date to remind
Once it was burned, it would never return; when it took millions of years to arrive
We built utopia of hyperopia and our corrective lenses were never designed

For it was apostasy to us to speak against our economy powered by dimes
So we melted the metal to forge our kettles blacker than pots would like
Now they lay in grease upon beach and become malignant with pride
We’re the generation of whores who gorged on economic rewards
To prove the emperor’s new clothes were actually white…

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