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NaPoWriMo - 27/30 - "Tight Stalkings and Painted Lips"

Lips painted and stockings tight
Perversions locked in shadowed hallows
Palm held aside, in from sunlight of day
Publicly exposed sex is infanticide for reputation
Seedy yet indulged and sought;
Tint red, sweet and salted sweat
This is us…
Clothed caged inhibitions
Monsters inside naked skin
Dewed skin, naked inside monsters
Inhibitions caged clothed us
Is this sweat? Salted and sweet…
Red tint 
Sought and indulged yet seedy…
Reputation for infanticide is sex exposed publicly
Day of sunlight from inside a held palm
Hallows shadowed in locked perversions
Tight stockings and painted lips…




(Now read it backwards...)