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NaPoWriMo - 28/30 - "Protesting Shadows"

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Now... you may proceed....

They write their placards in phosphorescence
Left to marinate in the sunlight miles away
Until their charge is vibrant
Then they stand…
Erect as the monolith they protest
Insulated in fleece lined fibers
Throats wrapped in woolen strangulation
Goggles fastened upon their eye sockets
Staring up at this aberration…

An opaque prism that refracts light into bitterness
A corporate bitterness
One that Starbucks could throat fuck 
Repackage, Re-brand 
Bury in sweetener and
Sell back to us three fold
And we would be told that
We’re the beneficiaries
We consume the fruits of this capitalist erection
Tell that to those on the dark side of tower

Shadowed for months at a time
Parents orphaned
Their children frozen solid in its wake
As a statued reminder
That the poor are only meaningful in death
Tourists spread this mythology like influenza
These children; kidnapped by frost bite
Speckle Central Park
Like liver spots on the aged face
Of a menopausal forest 
Leaves upheld by a branching shelf-lift brassiere
Of arousing sterility 
In the darkness
This foliage endured a cessation of respiration
Exhaling for the first time
When trees took up smoking

And yet the parents still stand
With their glowing signs
No bongo drums or smiling faces
Just the distant, silent stare of aggression
For when humans
Began trawling the heavens like coral reefs
Skyscraping for angels
To inflate our zirconian magnanimity 
We fell for the fallacy
That if you live in the clouds
You must be off the clouds

These protesters,
Left but only to gaze upon a shadow
Blooming with wilted hopes
Pining for autumn’s warmth
With their signs angled upward
Simply wait…

They read, 
“You constructed your heaven.
We live in its shadow.
If you can read this…
Our Hell is coming for you…”