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NaPoWriMo - 29/30 - "Racism is sweating"

Racism is sweating…
Like cured meat; aged and preserved
Hung on butchers’ hooks
Sold below market cost
To those with the most primitive of palettes
Twenty-first century pigeon meat

Racism is sweating…
Like a faded, outstretched tattoo; once scabbed over
That your uncle insists to show company
It comes out when he’s had a few
Everyone wants him to put it away
Bury it like his apathy encumbered ambition
For the sake of decency
For the filtered air of civility

Yet it sweats…
Hidden in kitchen whispers
The way Mom would hide her smoking
With a sharp exhale, 
A sudden splash from the kitchen faucet
And a thud of the trash can’s cupboard door
Embers quenched 
Yet its haloed scent is noxious

It may not be on fire now
But it still burns…
It perspires with a stench of decay
Bedridden with pneumatic respiration
Sweat dried to its hospital sheets
Still able to beleaguer society 
With its dehydrated dogma
Most plead for euthanasia
Some think it deserves to suffer
So for now, it will just keep sweating…