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NaPoWriMo - 30/30 - "Blue Collared"

On this last night of 
National Poetry Writing Month 2014…
I sit here prompt-less
My behavior rivals
when I wrote papers during my
Masters degree. Unleashing all attempts
to prolong obligation…
Distancing myself from intellectual labor.

Mentally blue-collared.
Laboring in steel factories and coal mines
of my subconscious to find any scrap
of savory mineral elements to 
hurl into production and
be part of modern society.
Heat a coal powered electrical plant.
Smelt into steel load-bearing pylons.
Burrowing into every elemental synapse.
Dredging every flake of meaning
to be trucked off for further refinement.
Man-hours spent,
thousands of tons of material unearthed.
Yet only tangible in 30 poems.

Each syllable handheld
Powered by nuclear emotive reactions.
Whether through goose bumps
Or dry heaves… 
The last thirty days taught me that 
A hobby… A passion… is a sole part
of one’s existence. Mine was in 
a caste for quite a few years.
I could make a fist…
I had full dexterity…
But my mind was convinced that 
my poetry would never hold attention again.

National Poetry Writing Month 2014…
Thank you for unearthing in me 
what I thought was dead…
May I continue to mine elements 
within myself for meaning…
May I continue to be surrounded
by those who sustain and support me…
May my intellect always wear a blue collar…

<3 - SION