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NaPoWriMo - 08/30 - "No More Fingers"

I’ve seen their soldiers on TV
Marching in unison and waving their nation’s flag
I tried to count the similarities 
But I ran out of fingers
1. They are so pompous
Proud and nescient
Culturally isolated from the rest of the world
2. Their strong ties to China keep their nation afloat
But their military… 
Always beating their war drum
They have the world’s attention
3. Always praising their leaders
Somehow unable to criticize in a constructive fashion
Without grasping extremes and false dichotomies
Like a child watching a movie with his parents
Where the plot hovers over his head 
Like the snacks in the cupboard and the cigarettes on the refrigerator
“Who are the good guys Daddy?” ...We are!
4. The outside world is always their enemy
A threat to their way of life
5. Almost all of its economic strength fuels its military
Their military holds orgies upon its banquet of cash
While its citizens lay waste in the street
Testing their arms 
Once the bomb dropped they were never the same
They speak to the rest of the world with daggers out

6. They have no diplomacy
They do what they want…
They built up their troops against the “aggressors” in the south
Yet allied with the North
7. They’ll bomb who they want to bomb
Or at least they try
8. The world stage is shocked at their antics
And shocked at their rhetoric
But their poise will never falter
9. They serve the red, white and blue
And support their leaders
With oblivious grins
Their citizens smile even though they suffer
10. They think they are the top nation
That everyone else wants to be like them
They are #1
Two and two make five
11. Their income inequality is staggering
Yet the military furnace keeps consuming its briquettes
It and the rich are the only groups not hungry
12. They idolize their nations founders
As if infallible men
Birthed from the clouds
Were destined by the hand of god to give them
Their nation
13. They think they’re special…

May god bless The Democratic People’s Republic... Of North Korea