A woman is battling between her demons and her lover
With a peace treaty signed between her dignity and the covers
She let her hair down but she felt it was too soon
Now her lover’s responsible for making the peach bruise
But produce to some is available by the bushel
She doesn’t take kindly to men that try to push her
So she locks down
She puts her heart back in a box now
The booby trap is tripped and there’s no turning back now
He wished that he had backed down

But now her walls are up between the ground and the sky
And no love anthems can penetrate her stubborn star spangled mind
Did he make a mistake? Well are the Kennedys gun shy?
Apologies don't mean a thing because what she needs is time
So the flowers he buys are not bright enough
Meals he designs are not spiced enough
And the dishes he dries are not dry enough
Poetry that he writes doesn’t describe enough
No matter how hard he tries he can’t repair the love
But at least she knows I care…

Because once you’ve found her, you don't ever want to let her go
And commitment, that’s what most men say to win the act but not the show
But I will live it…
Sprinkle the ashes of dead relationships on my corn flakes
To digest the perception of what the war of the girl takes
Because it takes energy and time; the things that most men don’t claim to have
But I will rob the sun blind if you’ll be there to put ointment on my scabs


I will arm wrestle the minute hand on every clock that I see
To prove my worth to every second for every time that we speak
For you, put any other lovers that I discovered to shame
And I will gouge out my tongue if I utter another’s name
For the be all and end all is captured and captivated in your hue
And you change the composition of the sky when I’m sick of it painted blue
Nullify all the falsehoods when I’ve been begging for the truth
Give purpose to my romanticism when I’ve been searching for its use

If I could do it all over again…
I’d take the long way home, metaphorically speaking
Make it a slow drive and discover everything you’re thinking
I can't stop holding your hand so just forget changing gears
I’ll just leave it in 2nd, to drain the sex from your appeal
That’s not my mission; merely a side effect of how I feel
Don’t make a decision; let your mind and body make a deal
We can cross it when it approaches; I’m ready for any bridge
We can discuss it over two beers still sitting in your fridge

I’m patiently impatient and it should come as no surprise
I want you to open your heart up where most men just want the thighs
I mean I want that too… but only when comfort resides
Because you mean more to me than I can honestly describe
Take your time on an empty stomach with glass of honesty
Let these words digest and manifest within their harmony
Once it settles, where do you think you’ll decide to be?