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NaPoWriMo - 15/30 - "Distributing Cheesecake"

Jammie was charged
With unlawful distribution of cheesecake
24 pieces: $222,000
$9,250 for each per piece

Fat and Sugar
When steeped in erotic foreplay
Create an addictive symphony 
Where every note touches our pleasure centers
Coats our palette
While calming our senses

For Jammie
It was an addiction
To the melody, rhythm and timbre
Fruits, chocolates and cream cheeses
Working in programmatic unison
Sometimes to prove a point
Sometimes to describe emotion
Sometimes just to experiment
Like a bi-curious scientist

These symphonies are drafted
On 18 story high legal pads
Pen swoops and business suits
Drafting creative protections in musical notation
Composing cacophonous cocoons of legalese
Who knew that our senses were copyrighted?
Who knew that something you feel
Something you taste
Can bankrupt your passions
All in the name of protecting
 Chefs and their recipes

To quote Steven Pinker:
“I suspect that music is auditory cheesecake, 
an exquisite confection crafted to tickle the sensitive spots 
of… our mental faculties.”

Jammie Thomas-Rassett
Will likely never be able to afford her sentence
But she will never stop loving cheesecake


QUOTE: Pinker, S. (1997, p.534). How the mind works. New York: W.W. Norton



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